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About Us

The Health Alliance has given organizations an open line of communication with each other. Cleveland State University and Cuyahoga County are sharing information and lessons learned as they both move through assessing current vending operations. Both entities are implementing changes that will increase the offering of healthy options in their vending machines. For more information, contact Lisa Sandor at

In 2014, Cuyahoga County is ranked 65th in health outcomes in the state of Ohio, according to the County Health Rankings. The state of health behavior and chronic disease has reached alarming levels in the county. The Cuyahoga County Health Alliance is bringing together institutional partners and county municipalities to fight chronic disease burden.

What is the County Health Alliance?

  • An initiative to engage communities and institutional partners in addressing health improvements through regional collaboration, innovation, accountability and transparency.
  • A coalition of talent from local government, business, health care, non‐profit, academic and philanthropic sectors
  • An opportunity to develop and implement a robust organizational and public policy agenda that prevents and reduces the burden of chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes and obesity.
    Ohio State University Extension, Cuyahoga County – an institutional partner – offers many worksite wellness activities that focus on physical, emotional, environmental and social health. Here are a few great examples: 1) viewed the HBO Weight of the Nation documentary on obesity and hold an office-wide discussion on it and discuss what Extension’s role is in combatting it locally; 2) hosted a Lunch in the Park: the staff went to a nearby park to enjoy a brown bag lunch together; 3) created a safe walking map for routes near their office and displayed it in the break room – it noted various distances and average walk times; 4) held a series of Lunch and Learns focusing on stress, including one on how to assess your stress levels that concluded with a breathing exercise. For more information, contact Jim Thompson at OSU Extension at 216-429-8200 x246 or

    For more information on Weight of the Nation, visit Also note that we held a limited viewing of the documentary in August 2012.

  • Two phases of the County Health Alliance: the first focuses on municipal employee health (Phase 1) and expands to include community health and well‐being (Phase 2).
  • A call to collective action.
  • "Embracing a health and wellness culture which mirrors the excellence of our major medical institutions." Edward FitzGerald, Cuyahoga County Executive, 2012 State of the County address. Principle #6, Western Reserve Plan:

Benefits of Joining

  • Shared- learning and capacity-building
  • Potential cost-savings on employee health care due to improved employee health
  • Tools to help in conducting worksite and community policy and service audits
  • Enhancing employee and community engagement
  • Implementing an evidence-based policy and systems change agenda

Community partner Orange Village is teaming up with institutional partner ease@work for an employee assistance program. The new initiative launches in September. For more information, contact Sgt. Jason Marvin in the Orange Village Police Department, at 440-287-5235 or at

Policy Agenda

This policy agenda is presented by the County Health Alliance to serve as guidelines to Cuyahoga County municipal worksites. Policy recommendations are based on three factors:
  1. Best evidence-based practices
  2. Current county statistics
  3. Feedback from mayors and municipality employees.

The following are the objectives of the policy agenda:

  • To present policies to worksites which can enable employees to make healthier decisions while at work
  • To present policies which can help employees to be more aware of their health
  • To present community resources which can assist in facilitating the implementation of policies
  • To increase awareness and support of worksite wellness programs within local governments
  • To provide guidance and support from the Office of the County Executive in health activities and initiatives

Click here to view the Policy Agenda.