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General FAQs

What is the Community Health Challenge?
The Community Health Challenge is a countywide competition that is coordinated to drive improvements to health and well - being across the county. It includes feedback from the Community Survey completed in December 2013/January 2014 for which we had 19 of 22 communities respond.

What communities can participate in the Challenge?
The Challenge is open to all 59 communities across the county.

Is participation in the Challenge mandatory?
No, participation is voluntary.

When does the Challenge start?
The Challenge starts on May 1 , 2014 and will conclude on August 30, 2014. This corresponds with the two year anniversary of the County Health Alliance launch.

Is there a cost to participate in the Challenge?
There is no cost to participate in the Challenge.

What is involved with participation in the Challenge?
Each participating community will answer yes or no to items on a Challenge Checklist indicating whether they have various policies, guidelines, activities, etc. in place in their respective municipal workplace or community. Points are earned for each ‘yes ’ response for which applicable supporting documentation is provided to the Challenge coordinator.

Once the Challenge checklist is filled out, is my participation in the Challenge complete?
In order to accumulate additional points, a community can work on their own or with a community coach throughout the summer in order to address checklist items that initially were marked as ‘no’ to change them to a ‘yes’. Updates to the checklist can be submitted at any time throughout the Challenge period. Progress will be recorded on a Dashboard at the Health Alliance/HealthStat webpage.

What is a community coach?
A community coach is an individual from one of the County Health Alliance’s Institutional Partners that is available to assist communities with Challenge items.

What benefits are there f or a community to participate in the Challenge?
The winning communities will receive recognition as healthy place s to live and work. In addition, all participating communities will be connected with resources and a community coach to assist them in developing and implementing policies/guidelines/activities /etc. that support health and wellness.

How can I determine where my community stands in the competition?
Standings will be updated at the end of each month during the Challenge and can be viewed at the County Health Alliance website.

How will the winner(s) of the Challenge be determined?
The community that accumulates the highest overall points will be declared the overall winner. Winners also will be recognized in the following categories: healthy eating, active living, tobacco - free environment , and most improved.

What are the prizes for the winner(s) of the Challenge?
The overall winner and category winners will receive the following prizes (subject to change if needed) :
  • A designation as a ‘OneCuyahoga Healthy Community’
    • A certificate and letter from the County Executive announcing the award
    • An award badge and window cling (s) that can be applied to a municipal website and City Hall entrance/exit doors , respectively.
    • Recognition at NEOCycle Night Ride After Party on September 27, 2014
    • Free spots in the NEOCycle Night Ride bicycle event

The overall winner also will receive the following prize:
  • A customized bicycle rack from Rust Belt Welding