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Community Health Challenge Resource Guide

1. Healthy Vending Policy/Guidelines
Examples: written vending agreement in place and followed, at least 50% of vending options are fruit, vegetable, &/or low ‐ calorie based, healthier options are identified with signs/symbols.

2. Healthy Food at Meetings Policy/Guidelines
Examples: written policy or guideline in place and followed; fruit, vegetables and whole ‐ grain foods are offered at meetings; water or beverages low in added sugars are available; foods that are low in salt and sodium are served; healthier options are identified with signs/symbols.
3. Farmer’s Market/CSA Arrangement Policy/Guidelines
Examples: written policy or guideline in place and followed; farmer’s market hosted at worksite on a regular, routine basis; promotion of local Farmer’s markets and CSAs.
4. Healthy Eating Classes/Programs/Education Information
Examples: offer onsite programs on healthy eating &/or weight management such as Lunch ‐ and ‐ Learns, post nutrition information for all cafeteria offerings & vending machines, identify healthier food/vending options with signs/symbols, post nutrition educational posters.
5. Encouragement of Physical Activity Policies/Guidelines
Examples: encourage use of stairs via point of decision signage at each elevator, offer reimbursement or arrange discounts for employee fitness center memberships, offer flexible work/break times to allow for physical activity.
6. Municipal Worksite Bicycle Parking
7. Physical Activity Classes/Programs/Educational Information
Examples: on ‐ site exercise facility, on ‐ site exercise classes such as aerobics or yoga, employee sports team(s) (i.e. softball, basketball, volleyball, etc.), walking challenge, fun run, posters promoting physical activity.
8. 100% Smoke ‐ Free Campus
Examples: written policy or guideline, display of ‘no smoking’ or ‘no tobacco’ signs, no ash cans and ash trays in smoke free area.
9. Community Parks/Other Public Grounds 100% tobacco ‐ free
Examples: written policy or guideline, display of ‘no smoking’ or ‘no tobacco’ signs, no ash cans and ash trays in smoke free area.
10. Tobacco Cessation Classes/Programs/Information Available
Examples: on ‐ site smoking cessation classes, provide a listing a smoking cessation programs and resources, provide smoking cessation medication discounts.
11. Workplace Wellness Committee
12. Worksite Wellness Program for Employees
13. Emotional Well ‐ Being Policies/Guidelines and/or Activities
Examples: offer stress management or work ‐ life balance programs, organize social events such as company picnics or employee sports teams, offer on ‐ site mediation or yoga class, provide dedicated quiet space for employee relaxation activities, flexible work schedules, recognition of employees for good work performance.
14. Access to Affordable Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
Examples: acceptance of the following at farmer’s markets: Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits, Women Infants and Children (WIC) coupons, USDA Senior Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program coupons, location of grocery stores and farmer’s markets on RTA route(s).
15. Community Gardens Available for Residents
  • See resources for #14

16. Community Wide Physical Activities
Examples: family fun runs/walks, 5K runs/walks, biking events, fitness challenges.
17. Walk Friendly Community Designation
18. Bicycle ‐ Friendly Community Designation
  • Information about applying to become a designated Bicycle ‐ Friendly Community, or to see if your community is already recognized as a Bicycle ‐ Friendly Community, can be found at If you need help completing the application Bike Cleveland is available to work with your municipal staff and local cyclists to complete the application, contact Jacob VanSickle at or at 216 ‐ BIKE ‐ 101. The next deadline for submission is August 14 th . The application takes 2 ‐ 3 weeks to complete.
  • The League of American Bicyclists Bicycle Friendly Community 

19. Community Bicycle Parking
20. Law Enforcement Officers Bicycle/Pedestrian Training
21. Complete Streets Education/Training and/or Adoption and Implementation
22. Tobacco Marketing/Advertising Prohibition at City ‐ Sponsored Events
23. Share a Success Story
  • Go to the County Health Alliance website Community Health Challenge webpage and click on the ‘click here’ link in the ‘Share Your Story’ section of the page. Complete the ‘Share Your Story’ form that appears and press the ‘Submit’ button.
  • Alternatively, write a summary of your story, and e ‐ mail it to

24. Promote registration during the Challenge period for NEOCycle, American Cancer Society (ACS) Relay for Life events, and/or the ACS Pan Ohio Hope Ride.
Examples: promote on community website, via flyers, etc.
25. Create municipal workplace team to participate in NEOCycle