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The Community Health Challenge is a voluntary competition - open to all 59 Mayors and communities - that is coordinated to drive improvements to health and well-being across the county. The Challenge is needed as Cuyahoga County is ranked 65th out of 88 Ohio counties in the 2014 County Health Rankings. In addition, the average life expectancy is 65 years of age in some communities; whereas, it is 85 years of age in communities just a few miles away. The Challenge’s primary focus areas are healthy eating, active living, and a tobacco-free environment – areas in which positive change can assist in improving individual’s health outcomes and life expectancy. For more information, contact Jennifer Scofield at (216) 698-3022 or

The inaugural Community Health Challenge was won by the City of Lakewood.

Read the announcement and press coverage.

Special Event Feature
The American Cancer Society is proud to partner with the Cuyahoga County Health Alliance in an effort to create a healthier community. The American Cancer Society is leading the way in the fight to end cancer: from discovering lifesaving cancer breakthroughs to helping people with cancer today get the help, support, and resources they need to get well. 1/3rd of all cancer deaths each year could be prevented by eating right, maintaining a healthy weight, and adopting a more active lifestyle. The American Cancer Society is here to offer Cuyahoga Communities all of the resources and tools (at no cost) necessary to promote a healthy lifestyle from smoking cessation programs to fun online platforms that can help communities get active.

There are variety of ways to get involved with The American Cancer Society, such as Relay for Life Events and Pan Ohio Hope Ride. Check out the calendar to see some of the up and coming activities around Cuyahoga County.


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