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Institutional Partner FAQs

What is the Community Health Challenge?
The Community Health Challenge is a countywide competition that is coordinated to drive improvements to health and well - being across the county. It includes feedback from the Community Survey completed in December 2013/January 2014 for which 19 of the 22 County Health Alliance communities responded .

Why is the Community Health Challenge needed?
According to the 2014 County Health Rankings, Cuyahoga County is 65th out of 88 Ohio counties for overall health outcomes . In addition, the average life expectancy is 65 years of age in some communities in the County; whereas, it is 85 years of age in communities just a few miles away. We can do better.

When does the Challenge start?
The Challenge starts on May 1 , 2014 and will conclude on August 30, 2014. The start date corresponds with the two year anniversary of the County Health Alliance launch.

What entities can participate in the Challenge?
The Challenge is open to all 59 communities across the county.

What is the role of an Institutional Partner in the Community Health Challenge?
Institutional Partners can provide a ‘community coach’; educational resources; evidence - based or best practice tools; and/or incentives to assist participating communities in developing and implementing policies or guidelines and activities, etc. that support health and wellness.

What is a Community Coach?
For the purposes of the Health Challenge, a Community Coach will be match to an interested community. At its foundation, the work will be about assessment and strategizing. He or she will listen to staff and leadership to help identify w hat exactly they need and then help them identify or develop the right policies/guidelines and activities that fit for them. More coaching resources will be provided as needed.

Are there specific health and wellness policies, guidelines, etc. that Institutional Partners may be asked to assist with?
Yes, the Challenge Checklist contains approximately 25 questions about specific policies, guidelines, etc. in primarily three focus areas: healthy eating, active living, and a tobacco free environment. A copy of the Checklist can be obtained from the County Health Alliance website or by request.

How does an Institutional Partner indicate their interest in assisting with the Challenge?
Please send an e - mail or call Jennifer Scofield at or at 216-698-3022 to indicate the level of assistance for the Challenge that the Institutional Partner is willing to provide.

What are the next steps after an Institutional Partner indicates their interest in providing Challenge assistance in the form of a community coach?
The participating communities will complete an initial draft of the Challenge Checklist and submit it to the Challenge coordinator at the County Health Alliance. The coordinator will then match Institutional Partner community coaches with communities based on the needs indicated by the communities.