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Target 1: Healthy Eating

Priority Goal: Create a worksite environment that supports the employee’s ability to make healthy eating choices

Objective #1: Increase availability of fruits, vegetables, and low calorie foods in the worksite through vending policies

Aim #2: To increase vending snack options so that at least 50 percent of vending options are fruit, vegetable, nuts and seeds, whole grain, and/or low calorie-based by the end of 2013.

Policy: Model draft language to implement vending policies in the workplace, which follow healthy guidelines provided by the National Alliance of Nutrition and Activity (NANA) Policy: All municipal meetings, gatherings, events, etc. serving refreshments must serve products which adhere to the suggested guidelines presented by NANA

Objective #2: Increase Availability of fresh foods through Farmers Markets at the worksite

Aim #2: By the end of 2013, contractually arrange for Farmers Markets to visit the municipal workplace at least twice a month.

Policy: Model draft language for policy arrangement between produce vendor and workplace. Guidelines provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Healthier Worksite Initiative

Link to Community Resources for Healthy Eating:

  1. Cleveland-Cuyahoga County Food Policy Coalition
  2. Cuyahoga County Board of Health
  3. Prevention Research Center for Healthy Neighborhoods
  4. Time for Fun-Farmers Markets in Northeast Ohio