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Target 3: Tobacco

Priority Goal: Create and support the ability of a worksite to have a tobacco-free culture for its employees

Objective #1: Create worksite 100% tobacco-free policies for municipal worksites

Objective #2: Encourage and Support employees to quit consumption of tobacco products

Aim #1: All municipal worksites will have their own tobacco-free policies in place by the end of year 2013

Policy: Model draft language for implementation of a tobacco-free policy. Guidelines provided by American Cancer Society

Policy: Workplace signage will be posted throughout the municipal property emphasizing the tobacco-free policies

Policy: Signage shall be posted in municipal buildings that provide resources for employees and visitors to assist with tobacco cessation.

The City of Shaker Heights has enacted a tobacco-free policy. Click on this pdf to read more and contact Monica Hayes, HR Analyst, at 216-691-1416 or at

Community Resources to Link:

  1. Cleveland Clinic
  2. Ohio Tobacco Quit Line
  3. Nicotine Anonymous